The Best Vegas Residencies Since 2000

One crown jewel in Vegas’s long list of entertainment options.


When it comes to Las Vegas, most people imagine bright lights along the Strip and myriad brick-and-mortar casinos. The city itself was based on the tenets of gaming and entertainment—and that hasn’t changed much almost a century later. However, Vegas isn’t quite as focused on casinos as it once was.

Today, fans of blackjack, for example, have much more freedom when playing online. It's not just about the convenience of at-home play, but also being able to sample new types of blackjack. Platforms that host the card game offer multiple options to choose from, including American and High-Roller blackjack, to name a few. And while the live establishments in Vegas aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon, the availability of casino games online has shifted the city’s focus.

As many know, Vegas is one of the world’s leading locations for title fights in boxing and MMA. There are also dozens of top-tier shows to choose from when walking the Strip, whether that's magic acts from Nathan Burton, Cirque de Soleil shows like ‘O’, or even hologram concerts like ‘An Evening With Whitney’.

Obviously, the sky is the limit… but if there’s one crown jewel in Vegas’s long list of entertainment options, it might be its residencies from the world’s leading musical artists. Think you know Sin City's greatest performances? Keep reading for some of the top acts to pass through town since 2000.

Celine Dion, Celine

2011 – 2019

For eight years, Canadian singer Celine Dion wowed crowds in Vegas. As one of North America’s most beloved pop stars, Dion’s residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas broke records in terms of attendance. Over 16 years, the artist performed over 1,140 shows.

But for Dion, that was only the cherry on top. Her very first residency in Vegas was back in 2003. During her first stint at Caesars, Dion’s A New Day set a new record for the city’s highest-grossing residency. She raked in $385 million playing only 714 shows. Despite the big paycheck, it seems fans still prefer her second show, Celine.


Jennifer Lopez, All I Have

2016 – 2018 

If any performer was made for Vegas, it’s Jennifer Lopez. Along with her stunning voice, the songstress is also known for her dance moves. Top that off with an unbeatable level of showmanship and, in other words, J-Lo was made for the stage—anyone who didn’t believe it before seeing All I Have walked away a believer. 

Lopez took a step away from more traditional shows, like Dion’s, which combine elements of singing with theatrics. Instead, she opted to target a younger demographic. The final song in her show was an EDM-themed finale. Allegedly, J-Lo was raking in up to $350,000 per show for her hard work.


Reba McEntire, Together in Vegas

2015 – 2017

Though not nearly as flashy as Lopez’s residency (or others like Britney Spears’ and Elton John’s), Reba McEntire with Brooks and Dunn offered audiences an unforgettable experience. The country group performed 45 shows during their run at Caesars Palace. During their short stint, they set new records for country music in Vegas. 

Along with country hits, fans were treated to a palpable camaraderie and warmth that emanated from the stage. In other words, it wasn’t about dancing and theatrics, but instead, a quality live music experience—no EDM-themed finales or over-the-top dance moves here. Throw in a few one-liners and stories from Reba and the show hit new heights.


Britney Spears, Britney: Piece of Me

2013 – 2017

The success of Britney Spears’ Vegas residency falls back on the musician’s mega-stardom in the US. Unlike Dion, Lopez, and McEntire, Spears isn’t known for her vocal strength—and certainly wasn’t during the period of her residency at Planet Hollywood.

However, audiences weren’t necessarily there to hear her singing. Instead, Spears’ show was about nostalgia and no-holds-barred fun. In other words, the show targeted visitors who were long-time fans of Spears and wanted to get their night started by partying with Britney.