Why Vintage Is Making a Comeback

and why we are loving it


From flares to vinyl records and from corduroy to the return of ABBA, it's safe to say vintage has made a comeback in more ways than one. The fashion world has become dominated with 70's print and Y2K accessories whilst indie music is becoming more and more inspired by the 80's. So, why is it we are going backwards with our trends?  

The main reason is down nostalgia. The sound in the 70s and 80s was so unique, it's nostalgic for many that grew up during that time and for that reason the children of this generation often grew up on music from that era, making it nostalgic for their own childhoods. Nostalgia is a powerful thing and reminds us of better times making it comforting in a way. This is why so many people are drawn to music and fashion they are familiar with. 


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A big part of indie music is being different or straying from what's popular. 80's synth-inspired music was originally influencing indie as way to be different with artists such as Current Joys even mentioning their influence from the cure in their songs, 80's inspired indie music quickly became a trend for large bands and small. Although the subgenera of this 80s sounding indie has become more popular, it's still favored by a lot of indie fans which adds to the overall love of older-sounding music. 

Modern musicians could also be finding influence from the resurfacing of iconic bands of the '70s and 80s such as ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure and Echo and The Bunny, all of which have recently toured or released music. The comeback of these bands reminds us of why we loved them in the first place and reinspires us the way they did originally. 

As strange as it is that we would go backwards in what we liked, humans are creatures of habit and there's nothing wrong with liking a bit of New Order or Wham. It reminds us of better times, so why not throw that old record on? 


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