Blends Brings Back Bones For Latest Vans Collab

The two So-Cal legends join for the “Magic Tape” sneaker.


So-Cal sneaker brands Vans and Blends are collaborating again on a new shoe titled “Magic Tape.” Streetwear enthusiasts and skaters can wear a piece of Californian culture with the joining of two sneaker giants, including their famous reinterpretation of Vans’ recognizable stripe. 


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Almost a decade ago, Blends’ original release with Vans saw a replacement of the well-known jazz stripe with skeletal bones. The brand’s latest collaboration maintains the bone motif for “Magic Tape,” a retouching of the Vans OG Style 36 LX, but with an unexpected twist. 

The bone stripe is now attached with Velcro and can swap out for other colors. A sticky base makes up the shoe’s quarter panels, which attach to the bone to keep it in place. The bones are available in the colors black, grey, or “Marshmallow” and can blend into or contrast the shoe’s remainder.  


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The shoe’s name is a nod to Blends’ founder’s Japanese origins. In Japan, the words “Magic Tape” replace “Velcro.” Available in the colorways black, olive, and “Marshmallow,” the shoes are crafted with canvas and contain suede overlays. 

The Marshmallow colorway will be available on June 18th and the olive colorway will be available on July 2nd, released on the Blends website


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