BAFTAs 2024: Move Over Middle Partings, Side Partings Are Back And Better Than Ever

Is it time for a side parting renaissance?


After years of having middle parts dominate the mainstream hair scene, this wave has officially departed and side parts are suddenly everywhere again—and they’re looking more glamorous than ever. The side-parting has had a whirlwind of a time, going in and out of trend, but ultimately being declared ‘uncool’ by Gen Z. First, they were forgotten when we left them all behind in the noughties. Then, they were ridiculed when the next-gen labelled them old-fashioned. 

But, now in 2024, if the celebs are anything to go by, we're firmly back on the side-parting train, with its first major debut at the BAFTA’s 2024. With the likes of Sabrina Elba, Florence Pugh, Dua Lipa and Lily Collins, A-listers who hopped on the strong trend of side-partings, it seems this hairstyle is not going anywhere this season.

Dua Lipa


Dua Lipa styled her side part with big, bouncy curls which coincides perfectly with old Hollywood glam.

Lily Collins


Lily Collins goes for more golden-age look with big bombshell vibes by opting for an ultra-voluminous, face-framing side part.

Florence Pugh


Florence Pugh's wetlook side parting offers an alternative option to a side part, but still sticks with the classic, elegance we’ve known to love on the red carpet.

 Sabrina Elba


Sabrina Elba goes For a more modern take and opted for a slicked-back style. This mini bob combined with the curled side parting pulls her sensational look together.