The Powerhouse Of Trims For 2024: The “Kitty Cut”

Meet the new It girl haircut.


Meet the haircut set for 2024’s most popular trim, the “kitty cut.” The name of the choppy style encapsulates an essence of innocence yet is also sexy, and due to its low-maintenance styling efforts, it is a style you must try this year.



What Is The Kitty Cut?

With the demand for short bob haircuts showing no signs of slowing down, this hairdo is for girls out there who are in the awkward stages of growing their hair post-bob. This mid-length haircut contains layers and is tailored to your hair texture, which is perfect for those of us who don’t want to spend hours in the morning trying to perfect our weave. This one is for the low-maintenance gals out there!



How To Wear The Hairstyle

So what exactly does the “kitty cut” hair entail? Creating longer layers and a chunky face frame can accentuate the cheekbones, giving a feline effect to the eyes, which makes sense given the name. You can style it with curls or straighten your hair; however, the look looks best with volume!



So, the next time you visit the salon, ask for the “kitty cut” to ensure you are in style. We can not wait to see how this style dominates the hair world this year!