We Are Going Old-School For Our Summer Getaways

Yes, to digital cameras and yes to physical maps.


Traveling and being on vacation gives us time to grow, expand on our experiences and surprise ourselves. Our normal lives revolve around technology so much that it is scary, which means for most of us, we can’t simply shut our laptops, delete our email accounts and expect life to flawlessly just go along with it. So, is it that crazy to suggest going old-school in our approach to our next break, when we can get away from our digital alter-ego?  

Spend time away from screens and live in the moment of where you are. Swap out google maps for a traditional map, pulling out that inner girl scout. Get snapping on digital cameras, polaroids, or film cameras for capturing memorable moments. Journal your experiences in a real-ass book- not the notes app. Send postcards as an alternative to constant messaging; your family and friends will love it! 

Not only do you come away with physical mementos this way- and stories attached- but you will be surprised by how much time you spend admiring what is happening around you. Phones are addictive and can be hard to break away from, but once you do, you will get so much more out of your trip. Don’t live through the lens when you can experience it first-hand.     

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