Summer Lovin' Reads For Your Vacation

Hot girls read books, period.


In search of your Summer evening read or a book to take on your next vacation? Fan of Summer sunshine and movie-style romance? Before you wander aimlessly around your closest bookshop, maybe scroll through Fizzy's suggestions! 

Beach Read- Emily Henry 

If you live your life delusionally as if you are starring in your very own movie and constantly make controversial decisions while saying, 'it is for the plot,' Beach Read should be popped into your shopping basket. Hell, it should already be sitting among your collection of favorite books, because you will instantly relate to and love the main character, January—a romcom waiting to unfold within the turns of the pages. 


Malibu Rising- Taylor Jenkins Reid 

Instantly, you are standing on a sandy beach at the height of 1980s Hollywood glamour. The California charm of the rich and famous will rub off on you as the story follows the youthful chaos of one family. Surfing, sunshine, and secrets will grip you so hard that you will have to remember to put down the novel and enjoy your vacation! 


Funny You Should Ask- Elissa Sussman 

Romance and nostalgia intertwine as the main characters are forced to deal with past dwellings and feelings. Was there love in their past together? Does it remain after all these years, or could it be sparked up again? Follow the alternating story between their first meeting and their reunion over a decade later.  


Book Lovers- Emily Henry 

Looking for the friction, the drama, the will they, won't they? Book Lovers will be up your street as the classical work nemesis relationship gets put to the test in this modern tale. August in North Carolina sets a picturesque setting for a love affair to unfold.  


Seven Days in June- Tia Williams 

The reunion of old flames (which possibly never went out) constructs a steamy love story. So if you are hoping for something with a bit more raunch to dig your nails into- here it is. A Brooklyn summer setting creates an atmosphere you can't help but fall in love with.

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