5 Ways to Make your Marriage More Romantic

Many couples find it challenging to have conversations about sex.


A marriage built on trust, intimacy, and emotional connection stands firm against the test of time. Romance includes all these aspects and much more. Couples often feel that intense feeling of romance during the initial stages of their relationship. Lust, desire, and an eagerness for new experiences with a new person in your life pull you more towards them. This is known as the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship. The honeymoon phase tends to wear out as the couple spends more time together.

Eventually, interactions with each other may seem monotonous, making couples desperately look for ways to reignite that old spark.This is particularly the case for couples who have been married for a long time. The pressures of work and child-care leave little time for couples to share intimate moments. This may eventually lead to a feeling of discontent for both partners. Several problems commonly associated with marriage that couples face can be fixed by figuring out ways to bring back ethe romance in your relationship. Reestablishing a strong emotional connection and regaining intimacy is crucial for a person’s well-being.

Studies have also shown that having a good sex life with your partner can benefit one’s mental and physical health. Couples that have sex regularly share a deeper physical and emotional bond. At the same time, many couples find it challenging to have conversations about sex. Without proper communication between the partners, sex may not feel as satisfying and pleasurable as it should be. This article will shed some light on ways to make your marriage more romantic.

Ways to bring back the romance in a relationship

1.     Communication is vital- People tend to have different ideas of what sex is, creating different expectations regarding how they want relations in the bedroom to be. Partners need to be communicative about their expectations. Ask each other about what feels pleasurable and what doesn’t. Once your concerns and preferences are out in the open, it would be much easier to find a way to be more intimate with each other.

2.      Small steps make a big difference- Intimacy isn’t only about having sex. Couples can become more intimate emotionally by sharing their feelings. Small acts of love like sending texts while your partner is away at work or buying them gifts can reignite the romance in your marriage. Love doesn’t have to always be about making big gestures and having deep conversations.

3.      Explore each other’s desires- Couples may face a lack of intimacy if they don’t have sex, at least occasionally. In some cases, men may suffer from reproductive health problems like erectile dysfunction or low libido with age. However, this must not lead them to lose hope and give up. Using sex toys is one way that couples can get more creative on the bed. A wide range of adult toys is available today which cater to the needs of different kinds of couples.

4.      The art of initiating sex- Couples that don’t have sex regularly may find it difficult to create sex. Consent is the most crucial factor when starting sex. You and your partner should not feel uncomfortable about denying the other’s request for sex when you’re not in the mood. People may also have different expectations on how they want sex to be initiated- some may want to first engage in playful conversation, while others prefer a more direct approach. Through communication and respect, sex can be initiated enjoyably.

5.      Setting the scene- Redecorating your house or taking your partner on a date are some simple things that one can do to bring romance back into their relationship. You can also bring back nostalgic memories of special moments shared in the past to reignite your passions. If your partner wants to experience a sense of adventure, you can also plan an exciting day out.


Sex is not confined to one act or the other in the bedroom. It pushes your self-imposed boundaries on what sex can make sexual relations more exciting and pleasurable. Getting creative with adult toys, exploring each other’s fantasies, taking the best male enhancement pills, and having proper communication can make sex more enjoyable for couples. 

Romance is an essential ingredient of a fulfilling and long-lasting marriage. Bringing this romance into your wedding may seem daunting, but these pointers can help you find ways to reignite that spark.