Here's A Beginners Guide For The Summer I Turned Pretty

Run, Don't Walk To Amazon Prime!


Last month, Amazon Prime released their newest teen romance-drama show: The Summer I Turned Pretty. This seven-episode series is the perfect Summer watch; it has everything from a soundtrack featuring Taylor Swift in every other scene, Asian representation, and the best sundresses. In short, this show has become so popular that it’s still in the top ten show rotation on Amazon Prime. 

Some may think, “Where did this insanely popular show come from?” The series is based on a book series of the same name written by Jenny Han; you may recognize Han’s name from another famous piece of teen pop culture: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. TSITP follows our leading lady Isabel “Belly” Conklin, as she navigates the struggles of turning 16 while navigating her feelings for Conrad and Jeremiah (the sons of her mom’s best friend, Susannah Fisher). To put her feelings in perspective, here's a quote from the show “For Belly, Conrad Is The Sun, And When The Sun Comes Out, The Stars Disappear.” 


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The Summer I Turned Pretty stars Lola Tung, a 19-year-old Carnegie Mellon student, as Belly. This is Tung’s first role, but her acting chops will make you believe she’s been acting for years. The other two people in the love triangle, Jeremiah and Conrad, are played by more seasoned actors. Chris Briney stars in TSITP as Conrad Fisher, a brooding college boy wrestling with young adult emotions and his feelings for Belly. Briney studied acting at Pace University and graduated in 2020. He’s set to star in a film titled Dali Land, which will add to his lengthy resume. Gavin Casalegno plays Conrad’s younger brother, Jeremiah Fisher, who is a human golden retriever. Casalegno has starred in more commercial projects than his costars; he played young Damon in The Vampire Diaries and was in the film Noah with Russell Crowe. 

To get a glimpse of the whole cast, go to Jenny Han’s TikTok page. She feeds us behind-the-scenes content multiple times a day and provides updates about Season 2 (they’ve already started filming for the upcoming season!).