Why You Probably Shouldn’t Buy That Souvenir...Right Away

Time to pop the thinking cap on.


You eye it up across the store. It instantly catches your attention as it sits among the hundreds of encompassing objects. For some reason, unknown to you, you feel a connection with it. But you tell yourself you don’t need it, and you leave the store.  

It has been three days, and you still haven't seen anything remotely similar to that little souvenir store you aimlessly stumbled upon at the start of your trip. Everything you see is getting mentally compared to the one that got away, and you will either settle for something else, ignore your impulses to go back to the store, or re-trace your steps. 

By not purchasing a souvenir that tempts you, you will soon discover how badly you want it. So, the advice to not buy it can be helpful as a bit of time gives you time to reflect. Don’t leave it too long, however, if this is gonna be stuck on your mind the rest of your vacation (been there, done that, got the t-shirt- literally). And if you try and tell yourself you don’t need any souvenirs, wave that thought away because we guarantee once you are back to your day-to-day, a nice reminder of the French Rivieria hanging on your wall will be appreciated. A souvenir will make you smile on days when you forget what vacations are.  

If you are contemplating in the store, head out (not too far), grab a coffee or lunch, and you will know by the time you place your order if it is worth it!

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