8 Travel Tips to Help You Travel Like a Pro in 2023

Get the most out of your vacation.


With public health guidelines and protocols becoming more lenient, people are opting to travel more, especially in 2023. While you might be one of those people looking to travel, you should understand that traveling isn’t that easy. There are a lot of things to take care of before, during, and after your trip.

To help you prepare for your next trip, we listed what you need to account for to enjoy your vacation. It ranges from finding the best possible flight to exploring the city to ensure you can travel more efficiently. Make sure to follow the following steps to get the most out of your vacation.

1. Plan Your Destinations

Like every travel tip, you should always plan your destination. However, planning your destination is more than just choosing which state to visit and which city to stay in. It also talks about what tourist spots and other places to visit. For example, you might want to visit a museum to learn about their culture. Or you can visit a park to get Instagrammable photos.

Identifying the places you would want to visit will make it easy for you to plan other things. Similarly, if you plan on visiting the Iceland airplane crash site and other nearby sites, you will benefit from renting a vehicle. Also, it establishes the purpose of your vacation like simply touring or wanting to learn about their culture.

2. Book Your Flights Early to Avail Cheaper Tickets

Some airlines put their tickets on sale weeks before the plane flies. These sales are put up around 2 months to 3 weeks before the flight actually happens. With that, you will need to plan your trip early. By doing so, you get to explore these flights on sale and other cheaper options.

Specific days of the week also affect plane ticket prices. Usually, Sundays and Thursdays have cheaper tickets compared to other days of the week. It is usually because these are the days with fewer passengers so they decrease the prices to make them more affordable.

  1. Create an Itinerary

After booking a plane ticket, you should establish a schedule as to when you will visit the places you found. By creating an itinerary, you further organize your travel, leaving a few blank spaces on your timesheet. It also makes it easier to know where you should be staying.

The itinerary helps you identify your route as you explore the city. Once you find the best route possible, you will look to book a hotel near the starting point. That way, you won’t risk yourself getting lost in an unknown place.

  1. Compare Hotel Rates Before Booking

When comparing hotel rates, we don’t simply look at the price, we should also look at the service. You can browse the hotel prices in an area and classify them into three categories: Cheapest, Affordable, and Over-the-Budget.

Immediately cross out the over-the-budget before looking at the affordable rates. When looking at affordable rates, you should keep an eye on the featured accommodation and their services. You should also browse their reviews for more credibility in terms of quality. Remove the options that are not up to the standard.

Now you have affordable options, including potentially hotels with kitchens in Atlanta which offer added convenience. Compare the options you have to the cheapest ones you can find. If a cheap one offers the same accommodation while keeping up a good review, then book it. If not, settle with the affordable option since it will provide the best comfort for your travel.

  1. Pack the Basic Things in Luggage and Carry Essentials on Your Hand

It’s important to have separate bags for your basic needs and essential items. By basic needs, we are referring to clothes, hygiene, and others (i.e. makeup, books). The ones on the luggage should be fine since you can replace them easily. Essentials, however, are the ones you can’t afford to lose like documents, gadgets, chargers, and pieces of jewelry.

By carrying your essentials on hand, you can avoid losing or breaking those items. The bag that you will use to carry your essential items should be a small sling bag. In choosing the right sling bag, it’s important that you can carry a bottle of water with it.

  1. Plan What You Will Do On Your Spare Time

Since the schedule won’t be fully filled, it’s important to plan what you will do in your spare time. After all, doing nothing on your travels might make you feel homesick and insane. It’s important to keep yourself busy to prevent getting bored.

Some choose to read books while they stay in their hotel rooms. Some also watch shows by availing short-term rental software and websites. You can keep your hobby with you if you ever have one as it will be helpful filling in blank schedules.

  1. Don’t Do Things That Will Get You In Trouble

Before traveling to a foreign land, it’s important to learn their customs. You might have some habit that is inappropriate in their culture. In that case, you should practice avoiding that habit. It’s not only the habit but also your manner of speaking. Some things might be casual in your culture but in theirs, it might sound rude.

Aside from abiding by cultural customs, you should also avoid wearing luxurious accessories. It will make you a big target for scams, snatching, and theft. You should also avoid talking to strangers and hire a tour guide prior to your trip.

  1. Immerse In the Culture

To further enjoy your travel, it’s important to experience their culture. You can attend festivals or eat their signature foods, like when visiting Mediterranean countries, you can order challah online or in stores.

By immersing yourself in the culture, you get to fully experience the country that you are visiting.

Know that a country is more than just its tourist attraction or its views. It’s also about their culture. What they eat. What they wear. What they celebrate. By being able to appreciate these things, only then can you really travel like a pro.

Remember that even though public restrictions have been lifted already, we should still ready ourselves health-wise. Wear masks when needed, vaccinate for fewer transmission risks, always sanitize.