3 Vacation Hotspots For 2023

Oh honey, you are gonna wanna read this.


Time to get that vacation planning started. We have picked three vibrant cities across three incredible continents that are dream-like destinations for 2023 with a dreamy price tag. 

Lisbon, Portugal 

Or should we say Lisboa, as the locals call it. Lisbon is an amazing travel spot for culture, sun, architecture, and nightlife. Kinda perfect, right? The Portuguese capital is also the largest city in the country, so it is always buzzing with people, which creates an electric vibe rather than the feeling of overcrowding. You must try the delicacy (especially the Pastéis de nata); a good way to do this is by going to a food market. Walking around the city is basically a tour of an art gallery as most buildings are gorgeously tiled or brightly painted- the Insta feed will thank you. 

Marrakech, Morocco 

Morocco has been gaining popularity as a vacation spot for the last couple years, and we can totally understand why. The city of Marrakesh offers so much and asks for little in return—a cheap destination spot with the most wonderful atmosphere. Marrakech is synonymous with affordable luxury.

If you are a fan of immersing yourself in cultures, traditional artisan crafts, and a foodie, Marrakech will put one hell of a smile on your face. But, of course, you are best to research the customs and culture before visiting (like many places) to make sure you are more knowledgeable about the locals' way of life before visiting. But remember to get stuck in; you won’t regret it.  

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fancy a trip to Argentina? Buenos Aires is one of our recommendations for 2023 travel destinations. The cosmopolitan hot spot is a vast city with a lot to pack into a vacation. An array of museums, parks and picturesque spots in the city will keep even the most active tourists busy. 

An atmosphere of colorful culture will rope you in and give you a taste of Latin living. The locals are friendly and will encourage you to speak Spanish if known; however, in most places English will get you by easily. There is a reason the city is nicknamed the Paris of South America; don’t you want to discover why? 

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