The Range On Margot Robbie, WOW

Blond or not, she's got it all.


It’s Cancer season baby, and who is our favorite Cancer actress? Yep, you guessed it, Margot Robbie. In light of her July birthday, we thought you needed a recap of her fantastic range.

Let talk about accents! Margot's changing of accents on the big screen appears so naturally, it’s baffling to think she's an Aussie. Going from the sharpness of The Queen's English as Queen Elizbeth I, to the West-American accent of Tonya Harding, it's hard to believe they come from the same voice. 

Moving onto overall performance, if you compare Z for Zachariah to Focus, both released in 2015, one character is very timid and humble whilst the other a confident thief. Yet both look so natural on her. 

Agreeably, that is just the work of an actress. However, her multiple blond-haired roles make the others even more brilliant. It goes without saying that Margot’s passion and emotion are brought into every character. Making her a great watch every damn time.

And to think, her breakthrough came in the audition for Wolf of Wall Street, where she unscripted SLAPPED Leonardo DiCaprio. This inevitably won her the role of the stunning Naomi Lapaglia at aged 23 #stillcantbelieveit !! And the rest is history.

We’re expecting more great things to come as she dips in and out of acting and producing. Hollywood and the public love her.


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