The Red Hot TikTok Hair Trend You Need To Try? Red Hair.

And, it’s easier to achieve than you think.


Ever want to give red hair a try without running the risk of permanent damage or a totally wrong color? Well, your time has finally come. Achieving the perfect shade of natural-looking red hair has long been a daunting and difficult task. You need the perfect mix of shades plus naturally light hair or freshly bleached strands. In the end, it almost always costs a ton of money, a lot of time, and can seriously screw up your hair. Not to mention, more often than not, you look a little less Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge and a little more Pennywise. 

Enter model, Molly McArthur. Earlier this month, McArthur posted a TikTok showing how she achieves her beautiful, natural shade of red. The video received so many likes, comments, and desperate pleas for her exact color combination that she had to follow up with a tell-all video a few days later. In the beginning of the video, she revealed, "I started off with virgin brown hair. I had no red in it; I'm not a natural redhead." But, her color helps her play the natural redhead role really well— so well that her response video currently has almost 92K likes. 

So, what’s the secret color recipe? She mixes equal parts of Wella Color Charm shades Red Terra Cotta 6R and Light Copper 6RG. She later clarified that she uses these shades with a 20 volume developer, but this brunette uses no bleach, at all. It sounds like an equal opportunity homemade Joan from Mad Men miracle. 

Now, McArthur stresses that she’s no colorist, and while she’s mixed the perfect color cocktail for her, it's hard to know how this shade will look on others. If you're unsure, working with a hair color professional will definitely lower the risk of a Chuckie hair inspo situation (both the possessed doll and the Rugrat.) That said, with zero damage from bleach and products that are only $7 (!!!) a piece, color us amazed (no pun intended.) A high hopes/low risk Emma Stone/Jessica Rabbit dream come true? Count us in.

Shop the hair color here, and watch the viral TikTok below.


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