Step Inside Emma Chamberlain’s Bohemian Home

So.. when can we move in?!


Emma Chamberlain is certainly no stranger into revealing every teeny tiny aspect of her life through her stream of online content. So it really does come as no surprise that a house tour is Chamberlain's next hot-drop-topic of interest to fans alike. 

Barely starting her youtube career no more than 5 years ago the iced coffee enthusiast has just secured a $4.3 million home for herself at the ripe old age of 21. Knocking a cheeky $0.4 million off the asking price her new mid-century home is situated in the tranquility of the Santa Monica Mountains in Beverly Hills. Boasting five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a pool (of course) and even a basketball court (cause why not), this girl is for sure living not only hers but all our quarter-life crisis dreams!

The real star of the show however is the immaculate standard of interior design gone into the styling of the decor. Teaming up with Proem Studio designers Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman, the pair have been able to inject Chamberlain's chaotic yet seamlessly quirky style throughout her home and it is To. Die. For. 


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Resurrecting the 1950’s estate to its former glory, Chamberlain has invited Architectural Digest in to rightfully show off the new look. The tour from AD shows us a large atrium-like dining room connecting the kitchen and multiple living rooms, complimented well by vast amounts of skylights allowing plenty of natural light to fill up the rooms. Fluctuating between ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ the style really does embed the owners true self. Chamberlain tells AD, "I feel like my style, with clothing and home is very much taking a mixture of everything that I love from any era and making it all make sense together". 

With that in mind the mixture of crushed velvet boucle loungers, floral wallpaper and clashing marble tiles appear to, dare I say, work? 

For those Nosey-Nancies who want to make their own mind up about the Gustaf Westman inspired home, the tour is available to watch here.


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