Harry Styles And Gucci Say “HA HA HA”
Harry Styles And Gucci Say “HA HA HA”
Harry Styles And Gucci Say “HA HA HA”

Harry Styles And Gucci Say “HA HA HA”

The Gucci muse has collaborated with Alessandro Michele for a new men’s collection.


Resident Gucci fan Harry Styles has teamed up with the Italian fashion house’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, to co-design a 25-look collection. Announced at a vintage clothing shop during Milan Fashion Week Men’s, the collaboration celebrates Styles and Michele’s friendship and Gucci's role in Styles’ journey to becoming a fashion icon. The collection serves as the most significant collaboration between the two, though Styles has become associated with the luxury brand after wearing countless custom tour costumes and donning a Gucci dress on the cover of Vogue.


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The collaboration is titled the “HA HA HA Collection,” a mashup of the first initials of “Harry” and “Alessandro” and a reference to the sound of a laughing face emoji, which frequently ends the pair’s WhatsApp messages. Styles and Michele have become the faces of a genderless look that modernizes 1970s-inspired styling and tailoring. Their new collection proves that neither counterpart of the duo is afraid to commit to the extravagant. 

“Friendship, complicity, a unification of distinct creativities that meet along a shared border, exchanges, and contaminations of collective ideas. And the construction of the absolute pragmatism of bridges that form to connect different perspectives,” said Gucci in a foreword. 


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The “HA HA HA Collection” plays with patterns to create an expressive collection. Traditional masculine tailoring meets traditional feminine coloring, which results in a limitless selection of pieces. The collection includes matching jackets and pants, trench coats, button-up shirts, embellished sweaters, and an assortment of accessories.   

The collection subverts classics, using the Prince of Wales check on tailored suits, printing teddy bears on pajamas, and accenting shirts with mother-of-pearl buttons. Styles and Michele’s eccentric styles are seen in child-like details, adding cherries, frogs, teddy bears, and bananas to the collection’s pieces. 

The “HA HA HA Collection” will be available in Gucci’s stores in October.


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