Biker Boys Are In According To JW Anderson
Biker Boys Are In According To JW Anderson
Biker Boys Are In According To JW Anderson

Biker Boys Are In According To JW Anderson

For the SS23 Menswear collections JW Anderson takes inspiration from Philip Ridley’s 90’s play, ‘The Pitchfork Disney’.


The play in which Johnathon Anderson took inspiration from for the latest collections at his eponymous label holds a lot of history for him. The now designer spent his younger years aspiring to be an actor and actually performed in ‘The Pitchfork Disney’. In these two conjoined collections Anderson wanted to express “the shock of the theatre”, and that he did, with garments incorporating BMX handlebars, broken skate decks, CD’s and gargantuan gloves. 


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The use of CD’s, bar code prints, door hinges and can lids are a reminder of the ephemerality of modernity and its inevitable descent into archaism, a process which is taking on an increasingly faster pace as technology and consumerism continues to boom. Anderson has become known for his tongue and cheek design style having previously created strappy heels made from bars of soap, birthday candles and nail polish bottles for Loewe

The Bumper bag had its latest makeover through the addition of silver studs alongside the appearance of puffy tote bags and sneakers with oversized soles. Throughout the collection Anderson interweaves the elaborate pieces with ones that are more wearable like baggy denim trousers, distressed leather cut-offs and oversized sweaters.


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