JW Anderson X Moncler Genius Collab Teases Much To Look Forward To

JW Anderson and Moncler Want Us To Dream In Color This Summer.


JW Anderson and Moncler Genius’s legendary collaboration is almost upon us. The prominent London-based fashion label has teamed up with the confident Moncler Genius for an unforgettable summer collection. 

We are eating good today folks. 
JW Anderson has been known for its Avante Garde style, giving us wearable art since its inception in ‘08. Moncler Genius, in the past has given us puffer jackets, showing off chic, head-to-toe black ensembles. Now they both want to bring us into a joyful summer look.

JW Anderson announced the collaboration via Instagram with models sporting vibrant sweaters and beanies over a fused JW Anderson and Moncler logo. The photo features one model in a multi-colored sweater and yellow, cushioned shorts, his pale pink socks peeking out over hot pink ankle boots, and the other as a vision of dark green paint splatters in a matching co-ord. 


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The photo is a testament to individualism, captioned with, “Coming 09.06.22. JW Anderson x Moncler.” Moncler announced the collaboration by saying, “It’s almost time to dream in color. Are you ready for summer in the surreal world of JW Anderson?” 



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Moncler’s previous collaborations with the Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster and Dingyun Jhang proves that they are interested in more bold collaborations. Soon the full collection will be on display.


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