When Did Harry Become Such A Fashion Icon?

Dive into the style evolution of Harry Styles because 'Styles’ is in his name for a reason.


Harry Styles is definitely known for his out there, one-of-a-kind style but for those of us that have supported him from the beginning, we know this has not always been the case. 


Let’s start right at the beginning of the English popstars career. At the start of Styles’ career his main style of dress was well, to put it simply, basic. He was always expected to be seen in cozy jumpers, simple tracksuits, and classic sneakers. 


The era we all reminisce on, the One Direction era. As I guess we could expect Harry’s style was very much coordinated with those of his fellow bandmates, because what more could be expected from an iconic boyband. For his red carpet looks Harry tended to stick to a blazer and chinos with sneakers, very different from what we expect from the artist now. 


In 2012, Styles started to slowly transform into more of his own style by making appearances in much more out there outfits, specifically in terms of his blazer choice. 


Finally, time to say goodbye to the sneakers. In 2013 Styles traded out his beloved sneakers for Chelsea boots, which he styled with well absolutely everything. Skinny jeans and a fashionable top were also incorporated into his look. 


As Harry’s hair grew so did his eye for fashion it appears. Co-ords became a key part of his fashion, specifically on red carpets. But of course, he couldn’t let go of the blazers and boots just yet. 


This is where Harry’s style began to turn into what it is today. At the American Music Awards Harry made his first appearance in a wide leg suit, something he still wears now.


This was a random year to say the least. Harry appeared to have been going for some kind of rocker ‘long hair, don’t care’ look. Bomber jackets, specifically silk, took the place of his infamous blazers for this year. 


As Styles began his solo career, he appeared to be taking control of what he wore. He embraced his personal fashion sense by going back to his 2015 looks of funky suits, specifically those from Gucci. Because if you have the money for Gucci why not?


I am sure many of us here have seen the iconic looks of these year first hand as Harry went on tour for his debut album. His concerts were definitely all about crazy looks, and it really added a lot more personality to his music and allowed us to get to know Harry more personally than when he was simply coordinating with his former band mates.


A big year for Styles, as he was given the opportunity to co-host the Met Gala in a custom Gucci suit. And you know if you are given any form of title at the Met Gala, you are known for your style. For more casual outfits of this year Harry was seen in mainly loose-fitting trousers and sweater vests, with Gucci loafers. 


You must have seen the iconic three-piece yellow suit from Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2020 collection? For anyone else this would have looked like fancy dress, but on Harry, it only somehow made him look more attractive. Harry was also now known as the Gucci poster boy and made appearances in a lot of different statement outfits, proving no color combination does not suit him.


Harry continued with his iconic Gucci looks on the Grammy’s red carpet. He even opened the awards with his iconic song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ in a custom leather suit and a green boa, courtesy of Gucci. I think it can be agreed that once you get custom Gucci you must have made it in the fashion world.  Harry was probably even lounging around during lockdown in full Gucci, because why not.


And we can only wait to comment on all the outfits that Harry will continue to come out with this year. If there is one thing we can all agree on though, it has to be, that no matter how out there and ridiculous some of these outfits may look this attractive young man definitely never fails to make them work. 

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