Gucci Gets a Gold Star for its Cosmogonie Show
Gucci Gets a Gold Star for its Cosmogonie Show
Gucci Gets a Gold Star for its Cosmogonie Show

Gucci Gets a Gold Star for its Cosmogonie Show

These shimmery eye looks are the stuff of dreams.


On a hill in Andria, a fortress rises above the forest, billowing clouds and sky captured within its eight sides. While many visit southeast Italy each year to see Castel del Monte, the fortress recently became a fashion show venue. On May 16th, in celebration of Alessandro Michele’s latest collection (Gucci Cruise 2023), Castel del Monte hosted the Gucci Cosmogonie Show. Guests from Dakota Johnson, to Jodie Turner-Smith, to Elle Fanning attended (all sporting Gucci attire of course). 

Inspired by the origin of the universe, Michele embraced constellation stitchwork, silver sequins and sheer fabric swelling in the wind. For the model’s makeup looks, Gucci’s global makeup consultant Thomas de Kluyver gravitated toward luminous hues. Several looks featured shimmery accent colors in the corners of models’ eyes; one look highlighted shining pink blush and eyeshadow. Another look employed Gucci’s Stylo Définition L’Obscur Eyeliner to create two silver teardrops below a model’s cheek. (You can find the eyeliner here for $38). 

While countless designers have looked to the sky for style inspiration, often leaning toward embellished silver fabric, there is something enduring about this latest Gucci show. Perhaps the subtle hints of eye shimmer paired with classic red lips and natural brows demonstrate that even unworldly designs can appeal to anyone.

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