Belly Button Rings: The Hottest Hair Accessory this Summer
Belly Button Rings: The Hottest Hair Accessory this Summer

Belly Button Rings: The Hottest Hair Accessory this Summer

Honestly, too cute not to try.


Tik Tok changed our lockdown game and since then it has been a part of our daily lives blessing us with trends such as the whipped coffee and charcuterie boards and challenges like The Thirst trap transition, The Target, and the "This or That” challenge.

But one of the main niches of Tik Tok is anything DIY, especially DIY beauty, and when it comes to hair inspiration the world is your oyster. People are taking risks and trying new things with their hair, from giving themselves bangs to buzz and wolf cuts to new ways of styling like doing bubble braids or decorating the hair with the classic Y2K hair feather trend. With Tik Tok, there are no limits to want you can do.

The latest viral trend on the app is using belly buttons as hair accessories. Started by Miami-based model Stacey Louidor, the idea came to life while she was self-isolating during the pandemic in 2020. Used to add hoops and other hair jewelry to her hair daily the model broke the barrier between hair and body jewelry by mixing it up and decorating her hair with belly button rings. "If you want to attract attention or just give a look some edge, they are the perfect accessory," Louidor explains.

You may think about the practicality of but Louidor has a few tips on how to ensure it looks good and stay on your hair, “Hair structure is key to keeping them in all day, I chose braids because they are sturdy and the jewelry would not easily slip out of them," she explains. “I individually screwed each labret, barbell, and ring in, securing the ends.” Another good base for the rings is twists, braids, or bubble hair. 

Another fan of the newest trend is model La'Shaunae Steward, whose inspiration for the looks comes from her old piercings, Louidor's belly button ring looks, and her most recent navel piercing that ultimately pushed her to give it a try. "I go to grocery stores and treat it as a runway because I live in the South and there isn't anyone here that looks like me so I find it exciting and funny.” 

So why not try this new trend this summer and spice up your hairstyles!


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