5 Trendy Up-Do Hairstyles To Wear Now To Look And Feel Cute

Elegance combined with flirty sexiness


For us girls, hair is everything (well it’s a pretty big part of our look). When you’re hair looks good who needs makeup and a cute outfit, right? Here are some super fun styles to make you feel ultra-girly, flirty and sexy, and most importantly beautiful. @Vickynatascha on Instagram truly is the goddess of hair, bringing you endless styles for your locks. Check out some of our faves from her page down below.

Low Space Buns

Now, these are a personal fave. They are trendy and pretty bad-ass and also super functional! In the summer heat you won’t have to be worrying about sweaty hair down the neck (yum, maybe TMI?) as this style has got you covered. We feel like you could kick ASS in this style. 


The Braided-Braid

Interesting, right? You would never think to twirl your braids together and make an even prettier braid! Add a little scrunchie at the bottom and you are good to go. So sweet! 


The Fancy Up-Do 

Got any summer weddings coming up? This look is perfect, especially if you are the bride. Keeping your hair off the back and out of your face, this vibe is elegant and classy. This would look so sophisticated on the red carpet too. (A girl can dream!)


The Fishtail-Looking French Braid

Now this may look uber-complicated but it’s surprisingly easy. This is simply stunning from the back and like we said looks really fancy. Imagine a balayage color in this beautiful braid with honey and caramel highlights swirling through. So dreamy!


The High-Pony Twist

A high up-do always looks great, especially a tight slick back number to accentuate your facial features. This style looks amazing from both front and back! Again, pop a scrunchie at the bottom of the twist and you’ve got yourself a seriously cute hairstyle. 

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