3 Fun And Creative Things To Do On Your Next Girls' Night

Because sometimes the clubs just don’t cut it.


Hitting up the clubs every weekend can get somewhat predictable, especially if the whole of your next day is a write-off (shoutout to the tequila shots). So shaking it up may be the answer to swoop you out of the weekend funk that looms. Plus, what more can you want than the girl gang, your choice of playlist, and the comfort of your own surroundings?  

DIY Tie-Dye  

This one may require some outdoor space for practicality, unless you want to tie-dye your floor while you are at it. Everyone brings some white clothing or textiles (drapes, covers, whatever) and dye until you are all immersed in a kaleidoscope of color. Drinks and snacks are not necessary but are encouraged. This is memory-making at its finest! Not to mention you will all have cool 70s-style matching clothes for when you take to the clubs again.  

Cocktails As Your Aesthetic 

If you find yourself within a group of friends that all have different aesthetics, this will be a class night. You can be as creative as you like with this one. You want to go all out, adding flowers, sugar to the rim, and sparklers- fine. You want to turn up and get fucked up- also fine. Depending how many people turn up depends on how many drinks you will have to make (and also get down you), so that is something to keep in mind before inviting everyone from work. Get making that Pinterest board ASAP.  

Renaissance Dinner Party 

It is a dress-up party. The more drama, the better because we are going Renaissance style, baby. Similar to the last one, the amount of effort you choose to put in is your choice, but we suggest going as full out as you can. Maybe you won't have servers waiting after you, and no one will judge if there's the occasional chicken nugget appearing on the table, but the more you put in, the more you will have fun. Just imagine the extravagaaanzaaa of the whole affair.

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