The Power Of A Pinterest Board

It’s digital manifestation babe.


Let’s get real; life is damn hard. As a generation of dreamers who try to romanticize every opportunity at our fingertips, sometimes the 9-5 struggle or winter weather is just not doing it for us. The dreamy days of last summer seem long in the past, and the Aperol spritz are few and far between. Keeping up the vibrance of youthful energy and inspiration can get lost in our ordinary daily lives. If you are like me and can get very easily visually stimulated and inspired, Pinterest is the place to go.  

If you are a new or frequent user, your feed will soon become (or already is) tailored to your lifestyle, goals, and interests. Pinterest, to me, feels like a digital home. It feels personal and joyful, and I forget spaces exist outside of a feed specially curated for me. Utilizing Pinterest properly can transform your life. Taking it from a bog-standard social media account to an online presence holding your goals, plans, and ambitions.  

Kick-off the day 

I like to often (not always) begin my day on Pinterest. I open my laptop *coffee in hand*, get the music on, and open my Pinterest. It is so specialized it is hard not to pin everything I see, but I try to be selective with my pins. My 2023 Vision board is my most used board right now, and I like to pin ideas of what I can get up to this year- places I want to visit, activities I want to try, and general pictures that inspire me. Already it is 9 am, and I am starting my day pumped with inspiration and excitement about what my year potentially has in store for me. Reviewing your pins will remind you of what you want to achieve, and the more you are exposed to these ideas, the more likely you are to accomplish them. 

Live in the now 

Being a summer girlie, however, means I tend to fantasize about the summer months and the lifestyle I will live during that time (cut me some slack, I’m a Gemini). It is easy to therefore believe I will do all these amazing fun things ‘later’ as the weather just isn’t gonna support the lifestyle I am envisioning for myself right now. But you run the risk of never getting around to these things as you adopt that ‘later’ mentality. So instead, try and pin ideas you can start or start working towards now- depending on what type of things they are. We are procrastinators by design, so doing does require some effort! Once you are in the right headspace, though, Pinterest can change your life and be your very own digital realm of manifestation.

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