Tonight’s Full Moon Is The Perfect Time To Release That Stagnant Energy

Manifestation mode, activated.


Who is ready to release their build-up of stagnant energy, past dwellings, and Winter depression? Tonight is the best time to take the time to gather yourself and release everything that has been holding you back from achieving your desires. This full moon-which sits in Virgo- is the last of the astrological year as it has fallen before the 20th of March (astrological new year). The ‘Worm Moon’ was given its name by the Native Americans who noticed the beginning of earthworms’ trails being left behind in the freshly thawed earth. Thus, signifying the end of the Winter months, allowing space for change, and marking a new beginning

So, all this means is tonight is super powerful for allowing you to undergo change. With emphasis on releasing energy which isn’t serving you properly, blockages, and stress, you are creating room for the next thing. So, take time, and review yourself and what you need to let go of for entering that new chapter of your life. Being in Virgo provides the opportunity to initiate the change you desire. It is also a great time to get structured and organized for this change which will come your way.  

Releasing the energy is great; get it out. But what are you making room for? Ask yourself that. What do you want? We are not speaking of surface-level, superficial desires here. What are the core desires lying in your heart and soul? Maybe it is a sense of clarity, purpose, or dream. Manifesting these desires will become more focused and help you uncover what you are really longing for. Enjoy, fellow moon worshipers!

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