Pinterest Predicts Pearlcore

Iridescent never looked better.


Sparked by a rise in searches from pearl necklaces to pearl-themed parties and pearl wedding decorations, Pinterest predicts the iridescent accents to take 2022 by storm. 

Spotlighting Deni Todorovič, they encourage fashion brands to ‘help people to take pearls from stuffy to stylish’. Deni (@stylebydeni on Instagram) gives us his take on the trend:

“‘Pearls don’t have to be preppy! I see them more as an easy way to elevate anything, such as a denim jacket or wedding party invitation. Pearlcore gives you edge, texture and that gorgeous iridescent glow.”

2021 saw the beginnings of pearl-appreciation, with chunky pearl hair slides, and the famous Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace that had it’s time in Tiktok fame. 

Pearl-mixed necklaces are a great way to incorporate some iridescence into your life, as are pearl nail embellishments and adhesive pearl stickers for the bolder, eye-makeup lovers among us. 


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Pearls are glam, fresh, and can be incorporated into a number of different aesthetics. Whether you’re more fairycore or insta-baddie, make space for pearls in 2022. 

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