In Conversation With LuvLoops Jewellery

Say hello to your new favourite jewellery brand!


Accessories can sometimes make or break an outfit, so we are always on the hunt for beautiful jewellery. So, when we came across LuvLoops we knew we had to share this brand with the world. We were lucky enough to chat with the founder Essa to find out more about the London brand.

Why did you start LuvLoops?

I first started LuvLoops as a side business; my husband and I went to Italy in 2019 and the high-street jewellery faded very fast and irritated my skin. I started to think to myself ‘maybe I should make some jewellery that is durable and is affordable’.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve found as a small business owner?

Personally, I’ve found opening up the market to be the most challenging thing. I moved to the UK only three years ago and I only had the experience of being an employee, I had no knowledge of starting a small business. There are no guidelines, so I had to find out all the answers by myself.

How has the pandemic been for both yourself and LuvLoops?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I lost my job, at the time LuvLoops was still just my side business. I was at a crucial point where I had to decide if I wanted to work on LuvLoops full time or to keep looking for another job. I decided I wanted to invest more time and effort into LuvLoops. The pandemic did help a bit because more people started to shop online!

How important is sustainability when it comes to making your products?

All components are imported from ethical factories and all jewellery is made from recycled silver. All the 14k gold-filled components are produced in a small factory which I am friends with! I always ask them to ship the components in paper rather than plastic bags, to try to reduce waste as much as possible. Whenever I look at a new factory, I ask them to produce all their documents to prove they are ethical. As well as making sure everything is fair-trade and that all employees are fairly paid.

What inspires you?

All my inspirations are from my customers! Customers often request specific pieces and every time I take customised orders I ask if I can make it into a product to sell to other customers and name the piece after them. I really enjoy the process of creating something that my customers really want. The feeling that my jewellery makes people happy is great.

What are your favourite pieces that you’ve made?

All the pearl jewellery! My mum has loved pearls throughout her life. She’s influenced my work deeply, ever since I started LuvLoops she’s always asked me to make pearl pieces. When I was younger, I thought that pearls were for mum and grannies, and I wasn’t sure if people would like them. I was thinking of ways to make pearls fashionable.

In the upcoming collection, I worked with a designer which was so fun. She designed all the pendants. It should be coming out mid-April – depending on lockdown!

Do you have some future goals you’d like to achieve with LuvLoops?

I take everything as it comes really, however, I do have some goals. I would love to have a small team that I can manage so I can deliver more beautiful pieces to people. Ideally, I’d like to have my own pop-up shop as well so people can see the pieces in person.

What would you say to those who want to start their own business?

Just go for it! It’s never too late to start anything. When I first started LuvLoops I had no idea it would turn out like this – I was so scared. You just have to follow your heart.

You can find LuvLoops on their website and Instagram.


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