How to Become a Healthier, Happier You

Take care of your body and mind.


It’s not much of a leap to assume that everyone wants to be as healthy and happy as possible. While we all have goals in life, whether in our education, our career, or our personal lives, improving the quality of our lives is never a bad thing.

Health and happiness are linked. True, you don’t have to be at the pinnacle of health to be happy, and good physical health doesn’t necessarily guarantee happiness. But good general health can give you more energy, less pain, and higher self-esteem. If you take care of your body and mind, then you can be more confident in your own abilities.

Here are some ways that you can improve your general health and well-being. 

The Right Food

Good food is one of the gifts of life. You can get a great deal of enjoyment out of the food you eat. Often, a delicious meal and good friends are the only two ingredients for a fantastic time. However, food also impacts your body.

Sadly, tasty food isn’t always the healthiest food. In fact, the opposite is often true. Some of the things that make our favorite treats so tasty, like salt, fat, and sugar, can be detrimental to our health when eaten in excess. But this doesn’t mean that your diet has to be harshly limited.

The key words in the last paragraph are “in excess”. If you eat too much of anything, then it’s likely going to be bad for you. Keep treats in their place. A treat is something that you enjoy now and then, rather than all of the time. If you reduce the amount of unhealthy, yet delicious food that you eat, then you can still enjoy it while being healthier.

Another piece of the healthy eating puzzle is making sure that the food that you do eat is tasty and healthy. One reason that diets fail is that people get demoralized with boring food and return to less healthy eating habits as soon as they can. Even if they’d lost weight or became healthier, any progress is soon reversed.

The trick is to change your diet, not go on a diet. Rather than short-term lifestyle changes that promise extreme results, try to change how you eat and view food as part of your long-term lifestyle. 

Cook food if possible, as you can control what goes into it and reduce the fat, salt, and sugar content. Use spices liberally so that you still get tasty and delicious meals, even if they’re healthier. Rather than seeing food as the enemy, see it as a teammate. 

Good Sleep Habits

One of the most important ways to achieve good physical and mental health is to sort out your sleep quality. A surprising amount of people go through life sleep deprived, either because they don’t get enough sleep, or because their sleep is disturbed.

Poor sleep can be the result of a health problem. Some conditions, such as sleep apnea, disturb your sleep or make it more difficult to drift off. In this case, a doctor can provide treatment and give you targeted advice to help you get better sleep.

More often than not, bad sleep is related to bad sleep hygiene. The good news is that this means that you can improve your sleep and soon reap the benefits. First, ensure that you go to bed and get up at the same time every day so that your body gets used to a certain rhythm. 

You can also help your body to get in a more restful mood by drinking herbal tea and developing a good sleep routine. Your routine might involve having a bath or switching off any screens and reading for a few minutes before bed.

Another tip is to create a good sleep environment. Most people sleep best in cool, dark rooms. Change your bedsheets regularly and, if possible, keep devices away from your bed to resist the temptation to scroll social media. 

Regular Exercise

Humans are designed to move. Unfortunately, modern life often results in a sedentary lifestyle. If you work in an office, then you likely spend most of your time sitting down. You sit in the car to commute to work, then you spend all day sitting in an office, looking at a computer screen. This is bad for your back, your fitness, and your eyes all at once. 

A great way to improve your health is to improve your fitness. You don’t need to dedicate your life to the gym, but if you keep moving, then you will feel and even look better. It’s recommended to get at least half an hour of vigorous physical exercise each day, but it’s best to create a fitness routine that works for you.

Set attainable goals for yourself so that you can track your progress. You can work out at home, at the gym, or outside. The important thing is to figure out what you enjoy doing and stick to that. The benefits of being fit in your youth will stick with you as you get older, slowing the aging process. 

Regular Checkups

If you have a car, then you’re likely familiar with the concept of regular checkups. You take your car to the garage to get it checked out on a regular basis, but you also take it to a mechanic if you notice any problems when driving. The same applies to your body.

You should make a doctor’s appointment on a regular basis to look for any potential health problems. Hopefully, you’ll get a clean bill of health every time, but this is a great way to catch illnesses as soon as possible. Often, the sooner you find a health condition, the easier it is to find treatment and recover.

As well as taking care of your general health, it’s important to see specialists. For example, you should visit the dentist at least once or twice a year for teeth cleaning. This can prevent any problems with your teeth from developing, so you can continue to enjoy good oral health.