EXES Make Falling Apart Beautiful

Their new single ‘Girl of My Dreams’ captures inevitable heartbreaks and nostalgia.


An emotive and tender duo from LA sings about difficult experiences we’ve all been through, yet they present them in a refreshingly soothing and delicate manner. The ability to find beauty in heartbreak is the greatest strength of this duet, fronted by producer Mike Derenzo and vocalist Allie McDonald, who, thanks to her warm, soft vocal, sings songs as though she was storytelling.

Their newest single, ‘Girl of My Dreams,’ features a guest, Luke Wild who perfectly fits into the band’s sentimental aesthetics. ‘It is not a love song. It is not a song about falling. It’s a song about falling apart. It’s a song about a flame burning brightest just before it goes out,’ they share.

A melancholy music video brings on everything LA is about – a blue convertible, vast beaches, long sunsets, and aimless, romantic rides. An image of three musicians traveling together and singing in a car places the sorrowful single in a visually pleasing context.

‘Girl of My Dreams’ by EXES is out now.

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