Delia Dane Sings About A Heartbreak As A Black, Queer Woman

Her newest ‘Proof’ reveals her vulnerabilities.


Delia Dane, previously known as DVWEZ, is an LA-based, black, queer artist, whose smooth and effortless voice embodies California’s sun and beaches. In her music, she merges the genres of nu-disco and pop, while expressing personal experiences through honest lyrics.

This is what ‘Proof’, her newest release, sounds like. Although it is a groovy track, perfect for a little dance alongside the sea bank during a sunset, it unfolds an emotional story about heartbreak. Delia sourced her inspiration from her own relationships.


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The artist herself describes conflicting emotions featured on the single. ‘It is about wanting someone so badly to commit to you, but then realizing it will likely never happen. It’s the feeling of putting yourself out there but feelings aren’t reciprocated and then dealing with the aftermath of showing your heart on your sleeve a bit too much.’

She also shares the emotional charge behind the songwriting process. ‘I’m infinitely proud of how vulnerable I was able to be on this song.’ And this vulnerability can definitely be heard and felt in her beautiful vocals.

‘Proof’ by Delia Dane is out now on streaming services.