BlackEyePatch: Everything You Need to Know About the Emerging Japanese Label

Diving into the Tokyo-based brand and their recent collection with A Bathing Ape.


It’s no secret that Japan is often a pioneer in the fashion industry, with an abundance of brands seeming to pop into the mainstream out of thin air. One of the most recent is BlackEyePatch, a Tokyo-based streetwear brand that is founded on the aesthetics of hip-hop culture. The label began in 2013 when stickers emblazoned with the name began popping up globally–mainly in Tokyo. Since then, BEP has been a rising star in the Japanese fashion industry, and it seems like they’re catching on for the rest of the world, too. 

The label, which remains quite mysterious about their identity, has a strong desire to give form to what they see without being bound by its typical constraints. While BEP began as a freelance graphic design company, they quickly dove into the apparel industry and released their first full collection in 2015. Subsequently, they presented their first fashion show in 2017 at Amazon’s Tokyo Fashion Week. BEP remains tied to their artistic roots and continues to express their brand identity through photo albums and art shows alongside apparel production.

With their flagship location in Harajuku, Tokyo, BlackEyePatch now produces an abundance of pieces including loungewear, outerwear, denim, knits, and accessories that all have an emphasis on their streetwear inspiration. The brand has worked with the likes of Yohji Yamamoto’s WILDSIDE, Reebok, G-Shock, Wasted Youth, and Puma. Among their most renowned drops is the iconic “Handle with Care” line that has shot them up the ranks in the industry. 

For their most recent collaboration, BlackEyePatch has teamed up with A BATHING APE to drop a collection inspired by the late ‘90s and early ‘00s while embodying BEP’s Tokyo origin. BEP x BAPE is heavy on the camo with an assortment of apparel ranging from hoodies and crewnecks to sweats and denim. Among the most popular pieces are zip-up hoodies (featuring shark hoods) and camouflage snowboarding jackets. Accessories are also included in the collaboration, with mesh caps, socks, and even a “Baby Milo” monkey plush. 

Besides the in-your-face camouflage, which comes in two colorways of green and black, the collection also utilizes reds, grays, and whites. A simple mixture that seamlessly ties the identity of both labels together, BEP x BAPE is highly sought-after with many pieces already being sold out. BEP’s commitment to being involved in the entire flow of production, from design, to fabric selection, to fit, is obvious in this invigorating capsule collection. 

It’s clear that BlackEyePatch is on the up-and-up in terms of entering the global fashion industry, and–given their artistic background and streetwear roots–it’s no shock. As its collaborations with iconic brands gives the brand headway, be prepared to see BEP emerging everywhere from London to New York City as another big name from the Tokyo fashion scene.