Pamela Anderson x Re/Done Takes Us Back In Time To Her Iconic 90s Looks

A time capsule of Pam’s staples


The 90s icon Pamela Anderson has just launched a new fashionable clothing collection with a sustainable LA denim brand Re/Done . This collection was based on her most memorable '90s looks which was not only a time of liberalism but also a time where fashion had no rules. So, this is the best time to indulge our nostalgia for Pamela’s stamp on female beauty standards and how it’s come to shape Gen Z’s fashion trends. 



Pamela’s bold statement moves in the industry have made her the woman she is today, from raunchy outfits to her makeup free look at Paris Fashion Week last October. She gained new respect from the beauty industry and defied all odds. But now, the actress and model has acquired a huge new modern audience among Gen Z viewers after the Emmy-nominated documentary Pamela, A Love Story hit Netflix in January 2023, bringing a completely new twist on the modernised fashion, the fresh style grasped audiences and remains a staple in many women’s makeup looks.



Not surprisingly, many younger fans quickly became hooked on Pamela's iconic '90s looks, of course, her red Baywatch swimsuit is undeniably iconic, but people diverted to her more casual look, such as distressed denim, statement logo baby tees, cropped hoodies, leather corsets and the now classic cowboy boots. There are so many things we see in everyday fashion that you wouldn’t know were inspired by Pamela Anderson, so this limited edition capsule edit with Re/Done highlights Pamela, the woman who started the It Girl movement.



The campaign for the collection was shot entirely by a team of women and pays homage to some of Anderson’s most beloved looks over her younger years but on her terms. This collection includes a strappy denim mini dress, a reinvention of her famous baby 'Girl' tee and ‘The Anderson jeans’ designed by Pamela herself. Most notably, the collection is not rooted from the dramatic red carpet styles, but rather what Pamela wore on her off days running errands and caring for her children, which made this collection feel just that more personal to Pamela.