Pamela Anderson Tells Her Story

Netflix releases the new documentary, Pamela, a love story.


The Baywatch star reveals her side of the story regarding her infamous sex tape and relationship with Tommy Lee. 

In the documentary, Pamela Anderson discusses her troubled childhood in which she was sexually abused for three years by her babysitter and was raped by a 25-year-old man at the age of 12. 

She expressed in her diary that she had tried to forget it, feeling 'like it was tattooed on my forehead, I had sex, what it made me was very, very shy, it made me feel super self-conscious.' 

As well as discussing her Playboy cover and past relationships, Pamela revealed some details about her personal life. After being engaged to a man named Mike, she recalled that he behaved strangely and that she suspected that he was cheating after she found him washing his penis in a sink. 'When you see your boyfriend wash his penis in the sink, it's a sign they're probably cheating', she said. Her phone rang on the same day she found out Mike was cheating, asking her to appear in Playboy.

It was the discussion of her whirlwind relationship with Mötley Crew drummer Tommy Lee that stood out the most in the documentary. After only four days together, the couple tied the knot. She recalled, "we had champagne, we put ecstasy in my champagne, I'd never tried that before, the rest was a big, happy blur".

She also revealed that Tommy is the love of her life and that she doesn't think she has ever loved anyone else. As part of his proposal, Tommy asked Pamela if she had ever felt similar feelings before handing her his friend's skull ring. 

After the leaked sex tape, Anderson revealed that her marriage with Tommy was under a lot of stress. She shared that one night when she and Tommy were fighting, she held her infant son Dylan and told Tommy to grow up; she said she did not recognize him and Lee twisted her arm and threw her and him against the wall. Pamela filed for divorce following this incident, and Lee was incarcerated for six months for spousal and child abuse. Despite loving him, she was insistent on ending their marriage after that.

Pamela stated that Lee was the love of her life and that she doesn't know if she can love anyone else the way she loved Lee. They both got back together following that but then separated. Tommy is now happily married and Pamela is currently single. 

 You can watch 'Pamela, a love story' now on Netflix.

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