Here’s Where Trump And Biden Stand On The World’s Most Urgent Issues

Including climate change, COVID-19 and racism.


Let’s be clear, American presidential election, which take place on November 3, affect all of us, doesn’t matter where in the world we’re from. So, this guide to Trump’s and Biden’s standpoints on the world’s most urgent issues needs to be read by everyone, doesn’t matter if you’re an active voter or just a curious observer. 

1.    COVID-19
America makes twenty percent of COVID deaths (with four percent of the world’s entire population). Meanwhile, Trump doesn’t want to make masks mandatory while he claims that the virus will be gone shortly. He also believes that the vaccine will come sooner than later, however, the testing should be slowed down. Biden, on the other hand, advocates for free testing available for everyone, mandatory masks and financial support for small businesses and companies.

2.    Climate change
Trump simply doesn’t believe that climate change exists. This is why he took many actions to weaken environmental protection in the country, for example, Obama Clean Power Plan, allowed drilling for the first time in the Arctic Refuge and pulled America out of Paris Agreement, an international initiative against climate change. Contrastingly, Biden sees climate change as the world’s greatest challenge. He wants the US to rejoin Paris Agreement again and plans to spend $2 trillion on climate policy. 

3.    Racism
Essentially, Trump thinks that “all lives matter” and refuses to take any actions against white supremacy, while Biden acknowledges systematic racism as an American problem. He supports peaceful protests but condemned the violence that happened during Black Lives Matter manifestations. He was the first candidate in history who chose the Black vice presidential pick, Kamala Harris.

4.    Police
Both candidates are against the “defund the police” movement. On the other hand, Trump signed an order allowing Americans to report the policemen who used excessive force, while Biden supports reform of the police, funding of training and body cameras. 

5.    Guns
Trump, adored by the National Rifle Association, emphasizes that the right to possess a gun is constitutional; he also didn’t take any actions against public massacres from the last decade. Biden proposes gun safety, universal background checks and a complete ban of assault weapons.

6.    Abortion
In 2017, Trump, a supporter of March for Life Movement, reintroduced the global gag rule that restricts access to safe abortion for women overseas. Meanwhile, Biden wants to rescind it again. He’s not supportive of federal funding for abortion, but he plans to fund Planned Parenthood and protect Roe v. Wade, which gives women the liberty to have an abortion.

7.    Foreign Policy
For Trump, America always comes first. He is anti-immigrants, and this is why he made derogatory comments against Mexico and China. On the other hand, he’s friendly with Russia and North Korea, while Biden supports Israel. He also promises to strengthen relationships with Latin America, Asia and Africa as well as end wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East.


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