Maskfishing Is All The Rage On Dating Apps Right Now

Are the eyes really the window to the soul?


In the wake of the global pandemic, masks have become a sort of fashion accessory. Although the primary function of masks is ultimately to reduce the spread of infection it is no secret that they can lend a helping hand when you are not feeling so sexy. From luxury designer brands like Burberry to high street brands like M&S - fashion masks are practically everywhere and everyone is wearing them.

So what is 'mask fishing'? much like catfishing, the idea behind mask fishing is to hide part of your identity in order to appear more attractive. In this case, however, it’s done by wearing a mask. 

And now it is taking over the world of online dating. Singles everywhere are trying out this trend to increase their chances of getting a match. The mystery and intrigue of wearing a mask could potentially secure you a swipe right but could it potentially be misleading? If wearing a mask on your profile is something that appeals to and you are concerned about this, maybe try adding a few pictures without it.

Also, if being catfished is something you are concerned about some dating apps including tinder and bumble offer a verification feature that allows you to see which profiles are actually real.

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