This Kiwi Artist Beat Kylie Minogue And Years & Years In Musical Charts

‘That’s the thing x’ shows that PRINS never slows down.


Make a note of her name if you haven’t already and definitely add her to your playlists. Alannah Prins, better known under her last name as PRINS, the pop princess and songwriter from New Zealand, proves more popular than one of the biggest names in the industry. Her previous single, ‘Midnight Calling’, soared up above Kylie Minogue and Years & Years in the Music Week ‘Commercial Pop’ charts, today she’s coming with another surprise, entitled ‘That’s the thing x.’

The newest song delicately twists her signature bubbly and upbeat style and wanders off in a more melancholic direction. Soulful vocal, mesmerizing piano chords, and choral harmonies reflect the themes of trust, vulnerability, and self-sabotage. This is how PRINS explores trials and tribulations of love, yet simultaneously, adding a touch of her characteristic energy as the lyrics read, ‘Crossed the line too many times, what does it mean? Built-up walls so high, can't see them coming down.’

PRINS is the co-author of ‘That’s the thing x,’ alongside Marlon Gerbes, the keyboardist of the iconic Kiwi pop-rock septet Six60. The Grammy Award-winning engineer Chris Gehringer, who collaborated with Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, and Lil Nas X, also contributed to the final version of the song.

If you’re wondering who’s the next superstar, you should listen to ‘That’s the thing x’ by PRINS. 

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