Personal, Vulnerable, Strong And Empowering R&B Aka ‘Revisions’ By Taura Lamb

Her debut album shows that an unexpected change can result in some good.


Previously compared to Solange, having proved that after all, heartache and a toothache are actually not that different from each other, Taura Lamb, our very favorite R&B princess, has just released her debut album, ‘Revisions.’ Like nobody else, she mastered the art of creating perfectly nostalgic 90s/00s sounds yet embedding them in her own experiences, with a little help of… ten different producers.

‘Even though it was not the process I initially imagined, I really feel as though I reached my goal as an artist, and we reached the sound I was striving for as a collective,’ Taura admits. ‘We created smooth R&B pop music that can be personal and vulnerable and strong and empowering, depending on which part of the journey you tune in. As a whole, it’s all about development and growth.’ And she leaves a powerful message in the end. ‘It’s a bit of a reminder that sometimes an unexpected change can result in some good.’

It's not a coincidence that Taura Lamb’s debut album ‘Revisions’ consists of ten songs as for the past ten months, she’s committed to releasing a new single every first Friday. Even two national lockdowns couldn’t stop her. The album’s lead single, ‘Love Song’, a playful take on miscommunications and misunderstanding, therefore, is a culmination of her passion, endurance, and consistency. ‘The track is about finding out the whole time you’ve been agonizing over this person and thinking they could never love you back, they’ve been thinking the exact same thing, explains Taura.

The music video accompanying the lead single reveals Taura Lamb’s ultimate love songs playlist, bringing to life many widely adored album covers, such as Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream,’ Whitney Houston’s ‘My Love Is Your Love,’ and… well, we won’t spoil the rest for you. What other famous covers can you spot in ‘Love Song’ music video?

Taura Lamb and her ‘Revisions,’ filled with emotive and empowering  Pop-R&B, prove that everything happens for a reason – even national lockdowns!


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