Are Stickers Our New Favorite Way To Personalize Our Things?

Don’t stick with the status quo.


Stickers may be one of the simplest pleasures. Something that, as kids, we loved but felt we had to grow out of because those enjoyments of childhood seemed immature. Sound familiar? Stickers have been seen as a taboo concept for adults to enjoy as they carry the notion that they are just for kids. But we are here to challenge the status quo- you can find us on the sticker bandwagon.  

Stickers are fun, period. Also, they are mini pieces of artwork you can take around on your laptop, water bottle, phone, notebook, etc. They can act as little 2D pieces of joy, which can actually help you express yourself more than you think. Now you can pretty much get any design you can imagine in sticker form. It is a subtly cool visual way to show off places you have been, things you have done, and things you are interested in.  

Nostalgia can come into play as they can remind us of things we used to like as kids. Embrace the cartoon and pop-culture stickers because they will seriously jazz up your stuff.


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