Why We Are Happy That Low-Rise Is On The Rise

Waistlines are dropping, but we are here to pick them up.


The iconic silhouette of the nineties is back. As waistlines drop, crop tops will rise, so there will be no mistaking... midriff is officially in. We have been a society of high-rise lovers for the past couple of decades and low-rise has never managed to break the cycle and regain the position of superiority that it once held. But then 2023 came along and said... nah, we fancy a change.  

We have grown since the nineties and are living at the beginning of the body positivity era- which we hope will stand the tests of time. Low-rise is for all body types and is a confident style to be worn. The more skin we can show off, the better.  

Because of their popularity in the nineties, you will probably be able to thrift a pair. This is such a bonus that comes with a trend revival. You can save yourself some cash while saving the planet at the same time (while looking cute af in a pair of vintage jeans).


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