Top 3 Things I learnt From My First Solo Travel

It can be you.


If you are planning a solo trip, I’m excited for you, and tbh- super jealous. My first trip taught me so much about myself and the world. Here are my top three takeaways for anyone thinking of taking their first trip! 

Put yourself Out there 

Put Yourself Out There 

The very best piece of advice for my fellow introverts among us is to put yourself out there. If you are staying at hostels, this will be an easier environment for you to dip your toes in the sea that is conversing with strangers. To this day, it blows me away at how effective a simple ‘Hi, what’s your name?’ or even a straight-up ‘Hey’ can be.

The people I met on my first trip were the gold dust covering my experience. It will provide you with the comfort of company, which can feel like luxury at the time, and teach you a lot about other countries and cultures. I am still in contact with people I met on my trip and have been lucky enough to see them since.  


Things Will Go Wrong 

Inevitably things will go wrong, and it is important to understand that some will be your fault and others won’t. Therefore, you cannot control exactly how smooth the ride is, but you can control your reaction in these situations and how you come out the other end. Different situations will come with different levels of severity and risk; however, most of the time, it probably isn't that deep.

Most likely, it will set you back a bit financially, delay you or alter your plans. However, it is better to roll with the punches and expect things to crop up occasionally that were not on the agenda. You will be more prepared if you allow yourself to expect things to go wrong.  


Calm Down On The Packing 

Depending on where you are going, what time of year you are going, and for how long will naturally guide your packing. My traveling experience took place across Europe in the late summer months for four weeks. Of course, everyone will have priorities when it comes to packing, but from experience, you will most likely re-wear the same three outfits because they are the most comfortable and practical in the heat you find yourself living in.

As someone who likes to be prepared, I did overpack without realizing it. Ensure you have your trip essentials and view anything else as extra weight and lost space. Packing lighter not only makes your bag physically lighter and allows you room for souvenirs but will be less problematic when moving about from place to place.  

Hope this helps, and have a blast on your trip!

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