The Loving Loyalty Of Female Friendships

A toast to female friendships.


Female Friendship. A simple, two-worded alliteration that is possibly one of the greatest phenomena as women we get the chance to experience. This is a solute, toast, and tribute to celebrate the relationships created between women and just how important they are in shaping a modern woman



I am extremely lucky to have had the female friendships I have had in my life so far. Even women who no longer hold a significant space in my life have learned lessons from, made memories with and adopted characteristics from. They have all, in ways, given me a better sense of self from their natural states and traits, which I appreciated, respected, or even disliked.

But aside from the amazingness of these women, the relationships I have/had with them are truly one of the most glorious and inspiring things I have been able to experience. This sensation also fuels me with excitement for the future of my life as I know the roots of these friendships will follow me wherever I go.  



Appreciate The Little Things 

I appreciate the recommendations and swapping of favorite books, the cozy hungover days lying next to each other in bed and the drunk bathroom club chats, which usually also involve some random girls we just met. These little moments that sometimes seem mundane and normal can be taken for granted if we do not give ourselves time to reflect and appreciate them. These realizations may sadly only come to the forefront of our minds when these events become less frequent.  



From experience, I also realized the small generosities that I experienced within the realms of friendship, which were specifically derived from sharing the same category of gender as each other. Little acts of loyalty and kindness became obvious to only exist in these close female friendships I had developed over the years.

These people will be the people that pick you off the floor during heartbreak, send you unprovoked loving messages and will try to fit you into any crack in their life that presents itself. And this is a two-way street which is a pleasure to stroll down. The friendships you can cultivate with other women can feel like an intangible home that will always welcome you back. They keep you strong while allowing you to be soft and make you accountable while providing loyalty.

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