Sir Jude's Feminist Anthem Pays Tribute To Madonna

The Australian artist turns female empowerment into a sonic journey.


“Madonna” offers a full-throttle immersion into the world of Australia’s latest luminary, Sir Jude. A marriage of psychedelic beats and parallel notes of pop-grunge, the new single intoxicates from start to finish. It transports listeners to 80s dance clubs, while simultaneously lyricizing the Madonna-whore complex that women are too often measured against. Call it the best of both worlds: a track to vogue to and a feminist fantasia all at once.

On the one hand, “Madonna” is an obvious hymn to the Queen of Pop. Jude and her starry-eyed theatrics confront the vilification that comes with sexual agency – a struggle that Madonna, herself, knows all too well. On the other hand, the song is given new meaning with the reversal of Roe v. Wade in play. The matter-of-fact and the inherent truth of female rights ironically lay at the epicenter of heated debate. “Madonna” is an appropriately brave ballad that comes face-to-face with the confines of patriarchal concepts only to unsettle them – a struggle that us, women, know all too well.

The song’s anthemic “I’m your Madonna” chorus gains momentum as seconds pass. An electric current rushes through each sharp beat. Jude emerges from a chrysalis of self-consciousness with soaring vocals. She waits for listeners to echo her saccharine lyrics of empowerment

“Madonna” sets a hypnotic tone for the artist’s debut album, Revelations. Undercurrents of Catholicism and high fashion steer the creative direction of the project. With over 250,000 streams and features on both Netflix and MTV under her belt, Jude is ready to blow up.

“Madonna” is out now. Listen slinky.to/Madonna. 

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