Leaning On Your Community For Help Is More Important Now Than Ever

Social media star Lucie Fink shows us why.


With the fresh wound that is the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many people, myself included, have lost faith in the future of the United States. Unfortunately, in addition to stripping women of their right to choose, the U.S. government hasn’t made any strides to improve the formula shortage affecting many families around the country. The gut-wrenching reality of these two issues is that with so women losing access to abortions, the population will increase, which will worsen the formula shortage. 

Some may say, “why is there a formula shortage when new moms can just breastfeed?” but the truth is that not every woman can produce breast milk. There’s a stigma surrounding women unable to produce breast milk, and these women are blamed and told that they’re bad mothers who can’t provide for their children. The solution for mothers who can’t breastfeed has always been formula, but with the current crisis, families are struggling to find other options. 

Lucie Fink, a lifestyle blogger and first-time mother to six-month-old Milo, took to her social media accounts to let her followers know about a possible answer to the formula shortage. She shared that she had excess breast milk left to sit in her freezer, and a few people reached out to her about donating her extra breast milk to a milk bank. The TikTok star explained that signing up to donate is a relatively straightforward process if other women are in her position. According to CNN, “After finding the New York Milk Bank, she went through a phone screening, online application, and blood test. Fink also needed to give permission for the milk bank to access her and Milo's medical records.” 

Milk banks are helping many women, babies, and families trying to feed their families during this crisis. They will continue to serve so many communities as they brace for the impact of Roe v. Wade overturning. If you or someone you know has excess milk they can donate, search for a milk bank near you.