Party Girls Don’t Get Hurt. Instead, They Listen To GINGE

Her EP ‘Bummer’ explores different stages of a night out.


Remember these wretched, dark, and, most frighteningly, quite recent times during which the world shut down, while our bedrooms became the only places where dancing was legal? Yeah, same, we almost wiped them from our memory as well, but they actually did happen. When most of us were pouring another glass of rosé or binging yet another Netflix show, GINGE, a rising Dutch singer-songwriter, endowed with a sea of red hair and an effortless vocal, was writing and recording her 7-track project, entitled ‘Bummer.’

‘Strangely, I missed being in a group of strangers even more than being surrounded by friends at some points,’ she admits in an exclusive conversation with Fizzy Mag, reflecting upon this lonely era we all were suddenly thrown into. ‘The anonymity of dancing in a crowd when the daylight’s gone just brings something magical. It definitely allows me to express another side of myself that got locked up during the pandemic.’

This already explains the EP’s thematic affiliation with the party lifestyle, dancefloor memories, and both ups and downs of a night out (we’ve all been there). ‘The lyrics of the songs describe how I am coping with negative stuff, but rather in a playful way. If something happens to me in life that I don’t like, I tend to focus on the positive side until it goes away,’ she shares but also indicates to us that it’s her sometimes misused coping mechanism. ‘Obviously, it also means I’m ignoring certain things that would pile up. If I do allow myself to express negative emotions, it feels like it’s too much to take.’



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Musically, ‘Bummer’ by GINGE playfully blends pop with R&B, creating a perfect background for her sultry yet natural voice. ‘I never really thought of it, but the music I listened to during the lockdown surely influenced the catchy pop influences for my EP,’ GINGE reveals to us when we ask her about her musical influences. Treating herself to craft beers, putting on glamour outfits, and dancing in front of the mirror, she would listen to Remi Wolf, Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 by Calvin Harris, Anti by Rihanna, and *always* some 90s classics. Isn’t that indeed a perfect party mix?

Party girls really don’t get hurt because GINGE’s EP ‘Bummer’ helps them cope with negativity. 


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