The Best Outfits For A Casino Night

If you don’t dress in a certain way, you may not gain entry.


A casino night with your friends is a good chance to bond, create memories, and win money. The problem: some casinos have dress codes that can be quite restrictive. If you don't adhere to these dress codes, you may find yourself denied entry and missing out on the fun.

Luckily, more and more casinos are recognizing the need for change. While they may still require that you dress neatly, they are increasingly getting rid of archaic requirements like putting on a tuxedo suit or a long dress just to enjoy a few rounds of your favorite games.

This change in attitude towards dress codes comes amidst the rise of online gambling, which offers a different kind of freedom. Online casinos provide the convenience of playing from your own space with no dress codes to worry about. Moreover, there's a variety of options for New Jersey online gambling fans and players in other states with legal iGaming: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia, to name a few.

Against this backdrop of evolving casino norms, we have some ideas for how to stand out the next time you go out for a casino night – whether that's at a traditional establishment or a 5 dollar deposit casino online. Let's explore these ideas and make your casino night a memorable experience. Let's get started!

Casual Wear

In Las Vegas, most people inside casinos wear casual dress codes. There’s a perfect explanation. Almost every casino has a hotel. Now imagine you’ve booked a room in the hotel. Then you decide to play some slots before you retire to bed. It’s unlikely you will show up in a suit unless you’re really into formal wear.

For men, the most common casual wear features blue jeans or khaki pants and T-shirts or casual shirts. When it comes to shoes, loafers and sneakers rule. With women, casual dresses or pants are the dress codes of choice.

Of course, you can always converse with your friends to discover what they will be wearing. There might not even be a dress code, especially for a casino night hosted by one of you. 

Pro tip: take a look at pictures of people inside casinos to get an idea of what everyone puts on. Think about your movement inside the gaming halls to ensure you wear appropriate shoes.


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Elegant Wear

Elegant wear means classy and sophisticated. It’s a popular dress code for European casinos—Monte Carlo to be precise. In the Monaco-based casino, you must look elegant regardless of the time of the day.

A classy outlook usually means a tuxedo suit for men. But when it comes to women, what’s elegant to one person may look tacky to another. That said, the goal is to put on a dress that brings out your beauty elegantly.

For example, you can wear a long, full skirt with buckle belts if you’re plus sized. However, don’t put on skirts that are too tight even if you want to show off your figure. 

Needless to say, a classy outfit must come in the right class. This is why men opt for black suits. As a woman, you can go with red if you want to appear vibrant or blue for an unassuming appearance.


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Semi-Formal Apparel

A semi-formal dress code is exactly what it sounds like. It’s not too casual and yet it’s not too formal. It is what some people put on while at work. Or, something you could put on during your friend’s wedding.

Semi-formal attire comes in a wide range of options. For starters, you could wear silk, satin or cashmere. Pants and a blouse, jeans and a top, or even a jumpsuit could all qualify for the semi-formal dress code. 

Other options include a pencil skirt, a patterned dress or an off-shoulder dress. Because it’s a casino night, though, a sheath dress may look classier than your typical beach attire.

What’s considered semi-formal for men? Suits are an excellent option. However, opt for a gray, blue or patterned suit over a black one. Black looks formal in many occasions. And a casino night with friends isn’t a place you want to appear so uptight.


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Business Casual

Business casual means one thing for men: no ties. It also means you don’t have to put on a suit. So, what should you put on? A pair of khaki suit and a polo shirt or cotton pants paired with a sweater falls into this category.

With women, business casual can mean different things in different cities. Generally speaking, it means you should avoid short skirts, shorts or jeans. Instead, wear a cocktail dress or a pair of pants.

Blazers are not great option for both men and women. Colorful blazers stand out in a night out with friends. After all, most people opt for gray, blue or black outfits in these situations.

When it comes to shoes, sneakers are a bad look. Wear loafers instead. Women can wear high-heels. But then again, you can put on comfortable flat shoes.


A Formal Dress Code

It’s unlikely your friend will ask you to wear formally to a casino night they are hosting. However, this is a dress code for some casinos. It involves three-piece suits and ties, and black shoes.

Of course, women don’t have to don suits. You could also wear a business-style dress or a skirt accompanied by a classy blouse. A dress accompanied by a fancy jacket is also an excellent option during a cold evening and so are stockings.  

Sometimes a formal dress code may also include hints of what’s required. For example, it might be a black-tie event. In that case, you can tap on your creativity as long as you show up in a black tie.


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A Casino-Themed Outfit

If your casino night has no dress code, a casino-themed outfit may be a good idea. For example, you can wear a blackjack-branded hat or socks. You could also take it a notch higher by printing a roulette-branded t-shirt or pants.

The benefit is that you will look unique albeit hilarious. But considering it’s a casino night, you will still fit in.



There are many dress codes out there. Choose a dress code recommended by the casino you’re planning to visit. If they don’t have a dress code, decide what to wear with your friends.

Usually, casual, business casual and semi-formal are excellent options. They make you look classy and comfortable. Also, these are the most common dress codes at casinos. You can try some slot apps on Fliptroniks.