Nothing Apparel: The Disruptor of Tech and Fashion Hits Soho London

It's more than it sounds like.


If you haven't heard of Nothing yet, you're missing out. Nothing is a London-based tech start-up that has been creating amazing tech products since 2020. Their products, such as the Ear (Stick) Headphones and the Phone (1) and (2), are not only high-quality and innovative, but also beautiful and transparent.


But Nothing is more than just a tech company. It's also a fashion brand that is about to launch its first clothing collection on December 7 at its Soho London store. The collection, named Nothing Apparel, includes a lab coat ($199) and a cap ($40) that are based on the 1970s IBM factory workers' outfits (but cooler). The collection is a result of a partnership with teenage engineering, a Swedish company that makes consumer electronics, and aims to provide "quality-driven wardrobe staples" that are versatile and stylish.

Nothing Apparel is also part of Nothing's vision to make tech and fashion fun again. The collection is meant to be worn both at work and outside of work, and to match Nothing's tech products. Nothing Apparel is also a way of expressing the brand's identity, which is all about transparency, simplicity, and creativity.

Nothing Apparel is just the beginning of Nothing's fashion adventure. The brand has already announced that it will release more clothing items in early 2024, such as tracksuits, coats, caps, and more. Nothing is not only revolutionizing the tech industry, but also the fashion industry, with its unique vision and style.