ACNE STUDIOS Celebrates My Friend Magnus at Voo Store Berlin

FIZZY just dropped a new video!


If there's one fashion brand that effortlessly marries simplicity with urban elegance, it's ACNE STUDIOS. In a recent and exclusive event at Voo Store Berlin, the brand celebrated the launch of My Friend Magnus, a captivating coffee table book dedicated to Magnus, the fashion maestro from ACNE STUDIOS' headquarters in Stockholm.

In our newly released FIZZY MAG video, viewers are treated to an up-close look at this fun coffee table book that chronicles Magnus' daily outfits – a true embodiment of style goals. With a fresh outfit for every day of the year, Magnus showcases a blend of comfort, innovation, and chic elegance that ACNE STUDIOS is renowned for.

The video not only explores the visually striking pages of the book but also captures the vibrant atmosphere of the event. Attendees include models, content creators, artists, and photographers, each adding their unique flair to the celebration of fashion and culture. The video poses an interesting question to the guests: Are books still a thing in your life? The answers are as diverse as the attendees themselves.

ACNE STUDIOS proves once again that fashion is not just about clothes; it's a statement, and My Friend Magnus captures that statement with timeless elegance. Take part in this fashion and culture extravaganza!

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