Netflix Release Official Trailer For Malcom And Marie

Coming to Netflix on February 5


Directed and written by Eurphoria’s Sam Levinson, Zendaya will appear in the new movie, Malcom and Marie in February of this year.

Shot in quarantine, the plot follows director, Malcom (John David Washington) and his girlfriend Maria (Zendaya) as they navigate their relationship while awaiting critics response from his latest movie. The evening takes a sudden turn as revelations about their relationship begin to surface. The trailer reveals an emotionally charged story with destructive undertones, emphasising ‘this is not a love story’. 

The movie is shot in black and white; the cinematography reflects the tension and passion of Malcom and Maria’s love story as an “ode to the great Hollywood romances” according to the Netflix synopsis. The refreshing take on a romance movie is a breath of reality, showing us how couples handle conflict and vulnerability. Perhaps it will even pose a moral dilemma, is this love story passionate or dysfunctional? You decide.

Zendaya told Level “Marie, to me, is pushing the argument, throwing fuel on the fire. She walks in, ready to start an argument. She knows what triggers him and she pushes his buttons over and over. She knows exactly what buttons to push. She ignites the fire and she kind of likes it. If we’re trying to say who’s worse, I’m so interested to see where people fall on either side”. 

Although the movie solely resolves around one evening, set in one location (Caterpillar House, California), it's clear from the trailer that the couple’s performance will be outstanding and mesmerising. 

Malcom and Marie will be released on Netflix February 5. 

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