5 Best Quarantine Date Ideas For Lockdown 2

Keep both hearts content during lockdown.


As several countries and cities have been placed back into stricter lockdown conditions due to the unwanted rise of COVID-19 cases, the dreaded time has come to bring back or create new and better quarantine date ideas. We’ve done it once, now let’s do it again but even better.

Date nights or taking part in fun activities as a couple help keep you connected, happy and may even spark a new common interest. But as we know, doing the regular date nights and activities is currently a no go thanks to COVID. Don’t stress, we’ve got five of the best date ideas for you and your lover right here…


Pick a recipe, either one you love or something you both want to try, get the ingredients, pick a time, dress nice and voila! Set up your laptop ready to call your significant other, even set the table with a candle or two if you’re feeling it. Sit down and have a dinner date, but what about if nothing happened during the day to talk about? Your first point of call could be to talk and check out the result of their cooking, how does it taste? Did you present it the same or in a totally different way? Did you follow the recipe or add something extra? Etc. 


This is a super fun activity that you can organize yourself or there are several companies out there that send out a wine box & cheese for you to do a virtual wine tasting session with a drink expert. You can take notes, chat and have a good time trying different wines, or if wine isn’t your thang, try it with cognac for an extra kick and hint of spice. 


Depending on the latest restrictions where you live, in some places outdoor exercise with someone not in your household is allowed. Meaning if you and your partner live apart, this is a great way to see each other (socially distanced), get some fresh air and exercise together. If you don’t own bikes, walking is an excellent alternative, even in the rain! No kissing in the rain though, unfortunately. 


Zoom allows users to share their screen with each other, this means if you want to watch a film or series via Netflix or Disney+, we’ve got you covered. Grab some snacks and a blanket, and you’re ready to go. 


If your significant other lives close or you want to post a heartfelt goodie bag in the mail, we say go for it! Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune, it’s the thought that matters to us all. Your partner will appreciate the time and effort spent making or finding the perfect gift that will be sure to put a smile on their face. 

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