Kim Kardashian Swears By This $33 Mascara

Running to stock up on this before it sells out...


If there's one thing that keeps celebrities like Kim Kardashian relatable, it's knowing that they use drugstore beauty products like you and me. And today, that highly-sought after knowledge has been brought to light courtesy of Kim's makeup artist, Ash K Holm.

Other than her fabulous blowout by hairstylist Chris Appleton, Kim's spidery long eyelashes have our jaws on the floor. In the comments section of Ash's recent Instagram post, one fan asked what we were all thinking, writing: "I seriously have been curious about her lashes for years!! @ash_kholm what do you do to get her lashes to look like that?!", to which the makeup artist responded.

Ash shared: "you guys won't even believe me but we just curled with the @surratt curler and used @lancomeofficial doll lash mascara. Two coats !! No individuals today." 



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The Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara promises the perky lashes of a porcelain doll, with volume, curl and length. The formula is enriched with beeswax for a glossy finish and is applied using a cone-shaped brush that loads the mascara evenly over the lashes from the inner to the outer corner, making it easy to stoke lashes outwards for a fluttery look. The tip of the cone is also excellent for applying mascara through the lower lashes.

On the other hand, the Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler has a unique design. The Japanese-made tool features an ergonomic curler and silicone pads to elongate and fan lashes with ease. 

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